3Spheres™ Non-Profit Initiatives

Since the start of the 3Spheres program, we have published three calls-for-proposals asking Lower-Mainland based Not-for-profit organizations to submit applications for expert help developing their processes and systems. For each initiative, a volunteer team of qualified professionals was assembled to actualize the project.

From our latest Call-For-Proposals:

3Spheres Invites Non-Profits to Receive Expert Help Improving Their Organization’s Processes:

JDQ Systems Inc. would like to donate their expertise to a lower-mainland based non-profit organization. Whatever your focus and challenges, JDQ’s process improvement methodologies can vastly help. As experts in quality systems, project management and software applications, our interventions result in improved efficiency, increased satisfaction, and greater revenue.

JDQ agrees to provide project management, leadership and the necessary expertise to fulfill the aim of the project. To that end, JDQ will ensure that the project is managed with the same rigor as any other JDQ project.

Out of the many worthy applicants, we chose four recipients that we felt would best be served by the type of help our teams could offer. Here are summaries of the pro-bono initiatives we have invested in thus far (see “3Spheres/Case Studies” for more complete information):



  • Project Type: Six Sigma Project, Applying “Lean” to HR Processes
  • Technology Solution: Web Timesheet
  • Partners: ASQ, VANTUG
  • $ Value to NPO: $25K
  • Time Frame: Nov 2005 – April 2007 (4 Months)

Ann Kutcher – Executive Director, Westcoast Family Resources Society:
“When Carol Anderson, here at Westcoast, discovered JDQ’s 3Spheres through a widely broadcast email, we thought “Oh wow! What an opportunity!” Our human resources system was an absolute mess and that was resulting in Union issues with missed deadlines and so forth. So, it was very timely for us to learn about this opportunity and very fortunate to end up being the beneficiary… We are all learning from each other. It’s a fabulous and exciting opportunity! – A real model of effective teamwork and painless delegation. Everyone is in there taking part in the 3Spheres.”

Manjit Parmar 3Spheres Volunteer – Quality Manager, Ballard Power Systems:
“I feel proud to be part of this project and so do the others in the group. I think the 3Spheres idea is unique and innovative and that more and more organizations should adopt it. Of course, you’ve got to have profit for companies to get involved with things like this. JDQ has come up with a model that profits the company, helps the community, and at the same time gives people opportunities to advance their knowledge.”



  • Project Type: Application Design and Development Project, Food Inventory Management
  • Description: See case study in appendix.
  • Partners: Vancouver Technology Users Group (VANTUG)
  • $ Value to NPO: $25K
  • Time Frame: June, 2006 – Present

Marilyn Herrmann – Executive Director, Surrey Food Bank Society:
“Thank you Derek, Brent, and the 3Spheres team! Your incredible expertise, professionalism and hard work have made a huge difference to the Surrey Food Bank. We are now able to work with our client information in a timely and accurate manner. We will never be able to thank you enough. Your contribution to our organization will never be forgotten. Thank you!”



  • Project Type: Business Analysis & Requirements Project, Case Management System
  • Description: See news release in appendix
  • Partners: Vancouver Technology Users Group (VANTUG)
  • $ Value to NPO: $20K
  • Time Frame: Dec 2006 – Present

Gary Birch, Executive Director, Neil Squire Society:
”The Neil Squire Society and its partners in the Assistive Technology for Employment Network are thrilled to receive this valuable support from JDQ and its collaborators in the 3Spheres team. It is an outstanding example of how socially committed companies can contribute to growth and innovation in the non-profit sector.”



  • Project Type: Six Sigma Project, Applying “Lean” to Business Processes
  • Technology Solution: TBD
  • Partners: American Society For Quality – Vancouver Section (ASQ)
  • $ Value to NPO: $25K
  • Time Frame: April 2007 – June 2007 (3 Months)

Joel Bronstein, Executive Director, Little Mountain Neighbourhood House Society:
“We are very excited and appreciative that you’ve found a way to help our organization improve its HR functions, and I look forward to working with you!”



Our Fall 2007 3Spheres of Reciprocity Non-Profit Initiative call for proposals will be published by mid-summer.

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