Work Process Automation and Improvement

JDQ combines its expertise with tried & true techniques and its innovative JUMP!™ products to discover and examine the root causes of process problems. We plan improvement activities, implement automation projects under controlled conditions and establish higher levels of performance for our clients.

Workflow Design and Development

JDQ designs and develops ideal workflows into custom software and robotics applications. We configure and implement 3rd party workflow technology, including “on-demand”, and cloud-based applications.

Custom Software and Robotics Applications

Using our JUMP! capabilities, JDQ designs and develops superior custom software and e-business applications for intranets, extranets and client/server environments. Our software development and integration technologies enable organizations to improve their work processes while deriving more value from their existing investments.  Robotics prototyping is a growing part of our business offering.

Service Robotics Requirements and Prototyping

JDQ experts apply their decades of custom software design and development to service robotics use case definition and prototyping. Our knowledge of ISO safety standards and business practices provides solid support for organizations entering and exploring this new technical domain.  JDQ’s growing inventory of robot hardware (mobility bases and sensors), operating systems (i.e., ROS) and 3rd party robotics applications, facilitates JDQ’s R&D and prototyping projects.

Project Management

The backbone of JDQ’s JUMP! solution set is our expert project management capabilities. We strongly believe that our commitment to project management enhances and improves our customer service delivery by helping you realize your goals on time and on budget.

Quality Management System Implementation

As the foundation for our quality improvement solutions, JDQ advocates quality systems that serve the customer and mitigate risk. The effort put into improving quality is repaid in warranty cost reduction, less future re-working, improved company morale and higher quality products and services.

Quality Improvement Methodologies

JDQ has extensive experience with most quality improvement processes. Built on our commitment to continually improve, we have developed a suite of innovative JUMP! products to provide you with the very best solutions. Along with providing our clients the most effective methods, we collaborate on implementation and offer expert training.

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