Custom Software and Robotics Applications

There are many models for custom software and robot application development. Off-the-shelf products are rarely a “best fit” and modifications never really work as well as planned. While giving an impression of a quick fix with lower cost and easy integration, in actuality off-the-shelf software is designed to meet “average” requirements, not fulfill the needs of superior, customer-centric practices. In the long run, custom software and robotics applications are more likely to contribute to your objectives than an pre-fabricated solution. To make a system that really works, you need all the information that comes from in depth inquiry and close collaboration with adaptive innovators.

JDQ has answered this need by combining vast experience in these complimentary areas with real innovation to provide our JUMP!™ custom application development capabilities:

  • Web / e-business / Cloud-based Applications
  • Intranet / Extranet
  • Web/legacy Systems Integration
  • Production Control and Tracking Systems
  • Collaborative Service Robot Prototyping
  • Inventory Control
  • Sales Tracking
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales Force Management
  • Order Entry and Tracking
  • Time Management Systems
  • Transaction Management Systems
  • Version Control
  • Issue Tracking
  • Project Management

(See Case Studies)

Most companies also have a large amount of data in legacy systems which, in many cases, forms the basis of their operations. This “big data” may be difficult to access and manage but the data itself is essential. While a web browser is an ideal readily-available interface tool that can be used to access data in legacy systems via a corporate intranet, data collection devices that feed and subscribe to the “Internet of Things” (IoT) is the next wave of technological innovation for adaptive organizations.

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