Quality System Implementation

JDQ has guided many clients from their initial inquiry up to registration in the following quality standards (see Case Studies):

  • ISO 9001 International Quality Standard
  • ISO 16949 Quality Management System (Automotive)
  • TL-9000 Quality Management System (Telecommunications)
  • ISO 9000-3 Guidelines for Software
  • ISO 14000 Environmental Management System Integration
  • ISO 13485 Medical Devices-Quality Management Systems

JDQ’s extensive experience in quality system registration has resulted in our JUMP!™ compliance methodology. This innovative solution allows for close collaboration in all aspects of the design and implementation of an appropriate system to meet your needs. JDQ’s JUMP! compliance methodology includes project management, employee training, audit program design, corrective and preventive action system design, calibration system design, documentation control and pre-registration readiness assessment audits.

As an additional benefit, JDQ’s JUMP! software development team is able to design and implement custom software and robotics systems or adapt standard software products to assist with the management and operation of your quality system.

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