Service Robotics Requirements and Prototyping

Like any custom software application, service robots require clear and documented requirements to ensure the final deliverable meets the intended use.  As a cutting edge technology, extensive prototyping is necessary to integrate best in class research and 3rd party components to create the ideal service robot.

JDQ experts apply their decades of custom software design and development to service robotics use cases and prototyping. Our knowledge of ISO safety standards and business practices provides solid support for organizations entering and exploring this new technical domain.  JDQ’s growing inventory of robot hardware (mobility bases and sensors), operating systems (i.e., ROS) and 3rd party robotics applications facilitates JDQ’s R&D and prototyping projects.

JDQ offers robotics application prototyping and support in the following areas:

  • Robotics and Creative Machine Control Frameworks and Robot Operating Systems
  • Robotics hardware selection and sourcing for sensors, shields, kits and accessories, including R&D and prototyping platforms
  • Synthesised Speech and Speech Recognition
  • Natural Language Command Interfaces
  • Camera systems and sensors for tracking objects
  • Advanced Fuzzy Pattern Matching (shapes, images, colour palettes)
  • Human/Robot Interface Optimization, including ISO 13482:2014 Robots and robotic devices — Safety requirements for personal care robots
  • Robotics use case definition
  • Failure Mode and Affects Analysis for robotic hazards


JDQ specializes in service robots that communicate, via cloud-based networks, with existing organizational databases and applications to collect and provide data to enhance operational efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.

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