tia winner award Recipient 2007 Technology Impact Award for Leadership in Social Responsibility


“Thank you very much for the opportunity to work with you! …The expertise, skills and experience that you and your colleagues brought to VSOCC was invaluable. Your knowledge helped identify an efficient solution  to a complex scheduling process that has been challenging us for many years. We would never have had the capacity to purchase this service and are so grateful for your generosity We were very impressed with the level of professionalism and commitment to high quality customer service which was demonstrated throughout the processes.In addition, your collaborative approach made this a truly unique and very enjoyable learning experience for VSOCC. Not only were we presented with a full range of solutions to consider for our scheduling challenges.”

Sandra Menzer
Executive Director, Vancouver Society of Children’s Centre


“When we began this project, we barely knew what business systems were, let alone how to implement them. Now we not only know that business systems are, but also the processes and tools you use to make your business work as smoothly and effectively as possible – we also now know:

    • what our company needs in terms of business systems
    • why we need effective solutions now, when we are poised for growth
    • which solutions that are right for our workflow and business needs
    • how to improve our systems over time
    • the next steps that we need to undertake in the next year
    • what is required to successfully undertake them.

The increase in our capacity that has resulted from this project with JDQ has been exponential. I can clearly see that hours of unnecessary and frustrating work will be saved for years to come as we streamline our processes and build our systems from here. We are tremendously grateful to JDQ for their stellar work with us on this project.”

Vanessa LeBourdais
Executive Producer, Co-Founder & Creative LeadDreamRider Productions


“This award acknowledges that JDQ Systems has achieved an exceptional standard of performance in its overall approach to corporate social responsibility and has deployed an innovative business practice that sets a new standard for social responsibility in the technology sector.”

Rob Cruickshank 
President, BCTIA

“Congratulations to all of you at JDQ for winning the TIA’s Leadership in Social Responsibility Award. As an agency that has benefited from your generous expertise, we know how hard you’ve worked and we’re glad that you’ve been recognized by your peers for your investment in the community.”Thank you again for modeling corporate kindness through the 3Spheres of Reciprocity. We hope you continue to feel ‘reciprocated’ for your good work.”Gary Birch, PhD., P.Eng. – Executive Director, Neil Squire Society


“I was honoured to be in the audience to see you receive the Leadership in Social Responsibility Award at the Technology Impact Awards on June 6, 2007. The spirit of a community is defined by those who build it. Thank you for your energy, enthusiasm and achieving an exceptional standard of performance in your overall approach to corporate social and/or environmental responsibility and setting a new standard for social responsibility in the technology sector.”
Hon. Linda Reid – MLA, Richmond East


“The mission of Volunteer Vancouver is to inspire and build leadership in the voluntary sector. One of the ways the sector can build leadership is through the meaningful engagement of skilled volunteers—and in many cases, with the support of their employers. JDQ’s innovative 3Spheres of Reciprocity program helps local organizations further their missions by taking a proactive approach to employer-supported volunteerism. We hope other businesses take notice.”

Colleen Kelly – Executive Director, Volunteer Vancouver


“I think 3Spheres is a great model. I believe that a strength-based approach like this is life affirming. It creates energy while problem-based approaches tend to be energy draining. As you might have noticed, the ASQ’s Slogan is ‘Make Good Great™’ I say, let’s accentuate the positive!”

Kay Kobayashi – Vancouver Section President, American Society For Quality (ASQ)


“JDQ’s 3Spheres model encourages participatory action research where the skilled volunteers are helping people design and conduct their own research, much like 3Spheres is doing with the Surrey Food Bank, and giving them the development tools to do their own research and make their own organizational changes. It is democratic, participatory and revolves around social justice and equality. This is certainly a big push in business schools these days.”

Dr. Gary Wagenheim – Segal Graduate School of Business, Simon Fraser University

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