Imagine if someone could prove that it profits business to help the community…

JDQ’s response is an innovative approach for developing, nurturing and sustaining community relationships:


3Spheres is a philosophy and model for healthy, optimal, and successful community engagement. It is a paradigm for social responsibility and cooperative, mutually beneficial relationships grown from the fundamental understanding that only through the symbiosis of the spheres of Helping, Profiting and Learning can we all thrive. It reflects our obligation to maximize positive impact and minimize negative impact on society. It expresses our values of mutualism, respect & equality.

In early 2005, work began to develop and codify JDQ’s methods of engagement with the communities it serves, shares resources with and derives sustenance from. The intention was to expand on JDQ’s vision and move into a more open and available position.

Through this process of discovery and development, it became apparent that mutual benefit – reciprocity – would arise naturally if parties would agree on three interrelated ideas:

  1. All of us, individuals and organizations, should be actively concerned with helping to insure the welfare of each other and society at large.
  2. The food of growth is learning. Research and mentoring are the vehicles for this.
  3. The purpose of business is sustainable profit.

As a result, JDQ has developed the 3Spheres™ model to describe our way of relating with the world we find around us and our intention to help form the world we believe is possible. Over the weeks and months that followed, 3Spheres™ became more. It had already become a manifestation of the values we uphold and our understanding of the natural order of things but it was also forming itself into a set of principles that could intentionally inform our decision making and that we could use to guide our evolution.

Gathering information and exploring new ideas to fuel evolution; helping those around us thrive and prosper; and growing and sustaining our own wealth – 3Spheres of Reciprocity is now the model we use for all our relationships and activities. We are committed to a culture of Win-Win relationships.

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