JDQ unveils new 3Spheres Robotics Project website… 3SRP.com

JDQ is pleased to announce a new website 3SRP.com for the 3SpheresTM Robotics Project. We have created a space for others to learn more about the project and explore the growing list of skills that the 3Spheres Collaborative Service Robot can do.  

By visiting the site you can learn more about the organizations funding the project, the problems being targeted, the desired outcomes and the researchers involved. The website has a comprehensive video gallery of our AetherTM robot performing various voice-activated skills, involving autonomous navigation, face and pose detection, face recognition, safety inspection and entertainment. 

Jon Morris, President of JDQ Systems says: “After 3 years of R&D on this ‘AI on the edge’ project, we have made amazing progress that needs to be shared with anyone interested in technology solutions for people with disabilities and older adults living in long-term care facilities. The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly shown that this is a sector that needs more attention. The fact that the 3Spheres Robotics Project sponsors, funders and researchers recognized this over 3 years ago, provides solid evidence of their forward-thinking about the practical and economic applications of machine learning.”

For more information regarding the 3Spheres Robotics Project please email Jon Morris at aether@3SRP.com.

Please visit our new site at 3SRP.com

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