Work Process Automation

Design, purchasing, fabrication, assembly, manufacturing, service, warehousing, distribution, accounting, marketing… all business functions are a mesh of interconnected activities that unavoidably harbour inefficiencies, errors, and duplication. Often, rising costs, plateaued revenues, and declining product quality are traceable to underlying process problems that may be extremely difficult to isolate and resolve.  With over 20 years of experience in process analysis, improvement and automation, JDQ has been exposed to a wide variety of manufacturing, service and design processes.  We are adaptive innovators that can save you time and effort in a customer-centric way.

Effective solutions often require the application of process automation, quality improvement, custom technology, and training – areas in which JDQ excels.  JDQ’s innovative JUMP!™ suite of products has been built on our extensive experience with these tried & true technologies:

  • Six Sigma DMAIC Methodologies
  • Enterprise Data Quality
  • Measurement Systems
  • Robot Operating Systems
  • Business Management Systems Gap Audits
  • Document Control and Content Management
  • Knowledge Management Systems
  • Configuration Management
  • Lean Enterprise / Just-In-Time
  • On-site and Virtual Training
  • Design and Work Process Enhancement
  • Agile Project Management
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