JDQ President Invited to Speak at 2018 BCTECH Summit

JDQ President, Jon Morris, has been invited to present a TECH Talk at the 2018 BCTECH Summit on May 16, 2018 in Vancouver, BC.  Jon will join a dynamic and diverse slate of session speakers to present “CREATE YOUR WHY: MAKING AN IMPACT IN TODAY’S SOCIAL FABRIC”.  

Since June 2015, Jon Morris has been the project lead for the 3Spheres™ Robotics Project, an innovative initiative to design and prototype a Collaborative Service Robot that will help people with developmental disabilities and Canada’s aging population reach their personal goals and achieve greater independence.  Jon will present how the 3Spheres Robotics Project has brought together the helping, learning and profiting spheres to generate a unique form of innovative reciprocity in the complex world of AI and machine learning.

 “I’m pleased to be a speaker at this year’s BCTECH Summit, Western Canada’s largest tech conference!” says Morris, “Please join me as we explore how technology is driving cross-industry growth and change, and see how companies like JDQ are emerging as technology leaders in today’s data economy.”

The human race – we are all connected. Every unique being on this planet has a story, a need and a drive to succeed in their own way. A greater part of that is our compassion for others and finding ways to give back that’s meaningful and forward thinking, not only for today but tomorrow’s needs. Join the conversation curious and leave inspired as Jon Morris and his co-speakers touch on their own ‘why’ for building a stronger social fabric.

The conference will be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building, 1055 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC. on May 15-16, 2018.   Be sure to visit our booth to see our robot, AETHER™, in action!

For more information and/or a Promo Code for special ticket pricing, please email jdqinfo@jdq.com 

Register now at https://register.bctechsummit.ca/register/


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