3Spheres™ Research Groups & Mentoring Programs

JDQ Systems Inc. is a key sponsor of the ASQ Vancouver section’s Six Sigma special interest group (SIG). The American Society for Quality Vancouver section’s Six Sigma SIG was formed by JDQ President and ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Jon Morris in response to growing interest in the Six Sigma improvement methodology. In response to participants wanting new ways to apply Six Sigma skills in real world projects, JDQ’s proposed a model for applying Six Sigma methodology through the development of cooperative, mutually beneficial relationships with our community. JDQ has now developed that model into a 3Spheres of Reciprocity initiative.

Louise Routledge, Mathematics Dept. Program Head, BCIT:
“We need new strategies, like JDQ’s 3Spheres of Reciprocity initiative, that combine learning and helping in an appreciative and sustainable way. It really needs to start in grade school and be continued through to the post-graduate level so that helping becomes a natural part of life-long learning and ‘making a living’. We need strategies that expand the perspective of the new millennial student – the “me” generation that has grown up in small families where both parents work and who have always got what they want – so that social responsibility becomes a more meaningful part of their life, in and out of school.”

JDQ is currently in discussions with BC.NET, WINBC and Volunteer Vancouver to apply the 3Spheres participatory model to enhance learning and business process improvement for both industry association members and the community at large. Through these collaborations, JDQ hopes to accelerate the good work, innovation and social responsibility that 3Spheres generates.

We are also committed to developing further collaborations with higher education. We are in the midst of establishing closer relationships with academia including UBC, SFU and BCIT.

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