Round Tables & Discussion Groups

By sponsoring, presenting, moderating and attending events where the purpose is cross-cluster dialogue, 3Spheres helps promote the evolution of sustainable society. We believe that the discovery and sharing of best practices across the traditional borders of the worlds of business, not-for-profit organizations and academia/research is the key to a sound and rewarding future.

On December 7th, 2006, JDQ’s 3Spheres sponsored and presented the first in a series of public round tables and discussion groups in partnership with the ASQ – Vancouver Section:

Business, Non-Profits & Education in Dialogue: Breaking Down the Barriers.


  • Discover what the three spheres of non-profit, business and academia need from each
    other and can offer in return:
  • Hear success stories from non-profit groups and enjoy a lively forum of discovery.
  • Learn how the changing economic environment is requiring non-profits to adopt new
    business processes
  • Realize the benefits of the NPO “Appreciative Process”
  • Understand how “Quality” is defined by the non-profit sector
  • Explore the similarities and differences between Volunteers vs. Employees.
  • Are there ways to increase the satisfaction of volunteers and employees by bringing NPO’s
    and business together?
  • Experience how academic research and mentoring can help non-profit and business
    work together to create a thriving community.

This lively discussion and question & answer forum featured a panel comprised of six leaders of the Lower Mainland’s business, nonprofit and educational spheres:

  • Joel Bronstein, Executive Director, Little Mountain Neighbourhood House Society
  • Marilyn Herrmann, Executive Director, Surrey Food Bank Society
  • Jon Morris, President, JDQ Systems Inc.
  • Gregory Pyc, National Operations Manager, Neil Squire Society
  • Louise Routledge, Mathematics Dept. Program Head, BCIT
  • Richard Vurdela, Principal, IQ Systems Inc.
  • Dr. Gary Wagenheim, Adjunct Professor, Simon Fraser University

The event was an resounding success. Most in attendance (more than fifty audience members plus additional webcast listeners) including panelists, made a special effort to express their appreciation:

Louise Routledge, Mathematics Dept. Program Head, BCIT:
“I wanted to thank you for last evening. The whole event was wonderfully organized. I know, all too well, just how much thought goes in to such a well orchestrated event. I think it struck a really nice balance. Great food for thought. Many are appreciating your fine efforts this morning.”

As part of our 3Spheres program plan, we will be organizing and sponsoring dialogues that help bridge the gap between not-for-profit organizations; research, mentoring and academic organizations; small and medium-sized business social responsibility; and the SR initiatives of larger businesses.

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