JUMP!Forward™ Business Management Systems

Many social scientists believe that our development is best measured by our creation and use of tools. In the much shorter history of Business Process Improvement, thousands of “tools” have been developed. The aim of all these tools is to help companies find out what they need to improve, and to effectively make those changes.

For those in charge of guiding their company, finding helpful tools is not the problem. Finding experts that know what tools to use in each unique situation and how to skillfully use them is the real challenge.

JDQ’s reputation for process improvement and organization-wide performance enhancement has been built on having the best tools at hand; knowing which ones to use and when; and knowing how to expertly use them. Over the course of our evolution, we have worked hard to stay on the cutting edge and deliver the best solutions to our clients.

JDQ is committed to the Discipline of Positive Change

Our more than 25 years of documented success in helping our clients thrive and prosper has yielded our JUMP! suite of products. Our JUMP!Forward Business Management Systems combine the power of JDQ’s proprietary innovations with the world’s best tools and methods to help you realize major efficiencies unavailable to those using traditional improvement techniques alone.

JDQ’s JUMP!Forward Business Management Systems offer clear advantages:

  • We are recognized experts in the complimentary fields of discovery, analysis, diagnosis, design & development, implementation, quality processes, training, measurement, management, compliance and documentation. Most significantly, we are world class at thinking on our feet.
  • Finding all these capabilities in one place helps you secure higher operating efficiencies quickly while improving your processes, products and services as well as saving money.
  • Our hands-on expertise with the world’s most effective business improvement methods and tools means we know what’s available, when to use it and how.
  • JDQ’s innovations – JUMP! proprietary tools and methods – are the result of our vast experience in solving our client’s problems. Innovation is how we’ve become a leader and what will help you resolve your chronic business troubles and inherent contradictions.
  • Our Collaborative Discovery Approach creates a focused, comfortable, safe and motivating place for inquiry.
  • We understand the close connection between planning, prevention and strategic action. By developing coherent, imaginative and accurate scenarios, we can translate the implications of “what ifs” into executive decisions and strategic action.
  • Our services include leading you to registration to a recognized international quality management system standard.
  • A JUMP!Forward Business Management Systems implementation is a non-disruptive process that will not negatively impact your workflow.
  • Our process will enhance and encourage collaboration and motivate both management and your workforce.
  • A JUMP!Forward Business Management Systems implementation can be combined with our other two JUMP!Forward products, Custom Software Applications and Project Management for a complete evolution.

JDQ’s JUMP!Forward Business Management Systems solutions are your surest path to performance excellence. At JDQ, we are always discovering new and better ways to help you achieve your goals.

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