JUMP!Forward™ Custom Software Applications

JDQ’s JUMP!Forward Custom Software Applications are an innovative, solutions-focused, precisely planned and expertly executed means to get what you need now with maximum system integrity and reliability. We simplify the design process by breaking it into four basic phases and insure the integrity of each phase by applying the stringent quality principles that have made us well known.

User requirements:

Discovering what you need; what it will comprise; how it will integrate with your present processes; your development and deployment timeline; and what it will cost is arguably the most important phase in the application development lifecycle. JDQ’s JUMP!Forward Use Case Requirements Specification acts as the foundation for all subsequent work and has a great impact on the quality of the final product. Our Innovative Collaborative Discovery Approach creates an attentive, comfortable, safe and motivating place to reveal and develop your requirements.


Of all the possibilities, what will work best, cost the least and most seamlessly integrate with your current systems? JDQ’s design team are experts at innovating proprietary solutions, using what’s already out there, and integrating what you already have in house. We are unique in our ability to take advantage of both tried & true and cutting edge technology to improve business-critical processes

Our software application design capability takes full advantage of our quality improvement methodologies. We design robust solutions that focus on reliability and the long-term evolution of your business.

Our Iterative Prototyping Process allows you to experience the dependencies and constraints in the proposed application early in the development cycle. This helps you analyze interdependent characteristics such as performance and reliability and revisit your requirements, if necessary.


During the implementation stage, the application will be programmed and developed in accordance with the user requirements specification and design specifications. After testing and customer feedback, users will be trained and the application installed. JDQ’s technical writers ensure that custom applications are fully documented, and our technical support capability is always overseen by the original development team.

By seamlessly coupling to our JUMP!Forward Project Management solution, staged releases will allow business benefits to be realized early and enable other initiatives to leverage the value of deliverables. Where time is of the essence, our Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology can save you bundles. We work with you to make it happen when you need it, to make it efficient and reliable, and to make it extensible.


As reflections of the current state of operating efficiency, applications are by definition subject to change and improvement. That’s why we’ve put a lot of thought into our JUMP!Forward Design Model. Application evolution begins with recognizing the need for change. A new round of analysis and specification leads to proposed modifications. Once we’ve decided on a new course of action, coupling improvements with what we’ve already realized is simple.

Whether your focus is to improve quality or gain efficiencies, JDQ’S JUMP!Forward Custom Software Applications will help bring you to performance excellence swiftly and with confidence. JUMP!Forward Custom Software Applications are non-disruptive interventions that will not negatively impact your workflow. At JDQ, we are always discovering new and better ways to help you achieve your goals.

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