JUMP!Higher™ Appreciative Audit Systems

Traditional internal audits fulfill an important need for companies with fresh ISO 9001:2000 implementations, but for companies with mature systems, those registered for more than five years, JDQ’s new JUMP!Higher Appreciative Audit System implementation takes them beyond compliance. In effect, our JUMP!Higher Appreciative Audit System approach both raises the bar and adds value to the field we like to call Compliance Excellence.

Traditional audits are often an exposé of everything that’s wrong with a company. As such, they can be viewed by those responsible for business processes as a “necessary evil” and a disruption to work.

JDQ’s innovative JUMP!Higher system helps you add value to your internal quality audits by approaching process-based audits in a completely different way. JDQ has discovered a new way to combine the best of Appreciative Inquiry and Internal Quality Audit expertise in an environment of collaborative discovery. This innovative process creates a value-added experience that encourages the workforce by building solutions based on the fundamental truth that in every company, department or project, something works. A JUMP!Higher Appreciative Audit System helps reveal and enhance what’s right and correct or discard what’s not.

JDQ is committed to the Discipline of Positive Change

Jon Morris, JDQ President and ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt says, “To get real value from their internal quality audit process, our clients needed to go beyond ISO 9001:2000 compliance. Many of our clients have mature quality management systems that have been registered to ISO 9001 for over 10 years. For them to continually improve, we needed to help them reveal and share best practices, both internally and with their supply chain. Working with JDQ’s JUMP!Higher Appreciative Audit System approach has added real value to their annual internal quality audit process by emphasizing QMS effectiveness without sacrificing ISO 9001 compliance.”

In order to best serve the needs of our clients, JDQ always strives to discover and incorporate the most effective tools and systems to inspire positive change measured in real business process improvement. Our development of the JDQ JUMP!Higher suite of products is an example of our commitment to the leading-edge of business improvement innovation.

JDQ’s JUMP!Higher Appreciative Audit System implementation offers clear advantages:

  • We are recognized experts in the complimentary fields of quality, measurement, management and compliance. Most significantly, we are world class at thinking on our feet.
  • JDQ’s innovative Collaborative Discovery Approach creates a focused, comfortable, safe and motivating place for inquiry.
  • A JUMP!Higher Appreciative Audit is a non-disruptive process that will not negatively impact your workflow.
  • Our process will enhance and encourage collaboration and motivate both management and your workforce to build on your ISO 9001 foundation.

Most significantly, a JDQ JUMP!Higher Appreciative Audit System implementation brings you to Compliance Excellence swiftly and with confidence.

At JDQ, we are always discovering new and better ways to help you achieve your goals.

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