JUMP!Higher™ Work Process Innovation

As the business world evolves, there’s less and less time between process cycles. We rely increasingly on our abilities to synthesize, integrate, create and improvise. Innovation is what sets us apart from our competition.

Clarity of vision, agile decision making, optimization, reengineering, change management, strategic realignment, cost-effectiveness, the voice of the customer, quality, competitive positioning, business process management – real issues that organizations must face in their quest to thrive and prosper.

Typical work process improvements are limited in scope, applying to specific organizational functions. While there are many methods and tools offered from many different sources to address individual problems, JDQ’s unified approach ensures Process Excellence.

JDQ’s JUMP!Higher Work Process Innovation system offers clear advantages:

  • We build visionary relationships in an environment of close collaboration between your decision makers and the team of JDQ experts.
  • We have taken the best of available technology and combined it with our own proprietary tools and methods that are the product of more than 40 years of real world experience.
  • JDQ’s innovative problem solving addresses chronic difficulties and inherent contradictions to deliver reliable solutions to your most troublesome issues.
  • Our unique project measurement and monitoring tools prove measurable results.
  • JDQ knows that people ARE the process. We work with you to teach employees how to execute the intent of corporate strategy at the front line and contribute to the source of your evolution, your Idea Pool.
  • JUMP!Higher Work Process Innovation gives you the skills, knowledge, and behaviour models necessary to tackle current and future demands, avoid stagnation and break systemic resistance to change.
  • Structures should exist to help make things happen, not because of fear of change. Our strong forecasting and planning skills make it safer for you to evolve.
  • Hands-on experience with the latest Robot Operating Systems (ROS) to facilitate advanced automation.

JDQ is committed to the Discipline of Positive Change.

One thing stands as the focus of JDQ’s initiatives: commitment to the customer – both ours and yours. JDQ always strives to discover and incorporate the most effective tools and systems to inspire positive change measured in real business process improvement. Our development of the JDQ JUMP!Higher suite of products is an example of our commitment to the leading-edge of adaptive innovation.

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