JUMP!Higher™ Measurement System Synchronicity

Enterprise Measurement Systems should be meaningful, obvious, effortless to maintain and experientially provocative. Effective measurement reveals hidden opportunities and triggers effective action. Performance metrics are the basis for effective process improvement and transformation.

JDQ’s JUMP!Higher Measurement System Synchronicity offers data gathering and analysis that is accurate, transparent, lucid and integrated seamlessly with your normal workflow, transforming data into decisions. Our measurement goal has always been to provide meaningful information that can be quickly and easily turned into increased profit and customer satisfaction.

JDQ’s JUMP!Higher Measurement System Synchronicity offers clear benefits:

  • JDQ brings a suite of solutions together in one product. This system allows you to gather, manage and forecast measurements with consistency, repeatability, accuracy and detail across your entire organization. Our focus is on predictive action: giving you the information you need so you can see ahead and act with confidence.
  • Our measurement systems survive oscillating business cycles – those times when you’re too busy to collect data and those times when business is too slow to afford resources necessary for concentrated data collection.
  • A JUMP!Higher Measurement System Synchronicity provides the information you need to navigate business risks, identify strengths and weaknesses, apply performance enhancements and benchmark your processes.
  • We are experts at providing multi-source, multi-location data integration with data visualization and analysis. Our measurement modeling tools ensure data integrity between all data sources allowing for true multi-source data integration assurance.
  • Our JUMP!Higher Measurement System Synchronicity integrates unobtrusively and seamlessly with your existing measurement systems.
  • Our solutions can be designed in compliance with many current standards, including: INCOSE; IEEE; PSM; IFPUG; and ISO.
  • Because of accuracy, reliability and visibility, your measurements will have credibility through out your organization. Performance will be recognized and acted upon quickly and there will be less delay between identification of need and effective action.
  • A JUMP!Higher performance measurement system is a vehicle for change promoting innovation within your organization.
  • We promote a physical connection between the measurement system and those who participate in it. Staff and management “feel’ the results of their actions so that Real Improvement imprints personal and organizational memory. Our process will enhance and encourage collaboration and motivate both management and your workforce.
  • A JUMP!Higher Measurement System Synchronicity implementation is a non-disruptive process that will not negatively impact your workflow.
  • The JDQ team are recognized experts in the complimentary fields of quality, measurement, development, management and compliance. Most significantly, we are world class at thinking on our feet. Our culture of close collaboration will give you a hands-on experience of working with the best to give you what you need.
  • The many years of experience we’ve put into developing our proprietary data collection, analysis, and report generation tools ensure a rapid return on your investment.
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