JUMP!Start™ Project Estimation

Moving ahead towards success requires a clear picture of where you’re going; a practical and methodical plan of action to get there; and an estimation of what resources will be required to make it all happen.

There’s hardly anything more frustrating than seeing what needs to be done and embarking on the mission, only to find out later that your resource flow is out of sync with your project requirements.

JDQ invites you to rely on our experience. After many years of helping to make our client’s aspirations a reality, JDQ has become expert at project cost analysis and contingency planning. We have a history of significant project experience from which reliable estimates of project size can be derived. The JDQ Requirements Discovery Team is expert at predicting what you’ll need to get the job done. You’ll know what you’ll need to spend.

All business improvement companies deliver an estimate of what their services will cost. Unfortunately, the client is left with little else but a sense of what’s wrong with where they’re at and a prediction of what they’ll have to spend to try and fix it. At JDQ, we believe that project estimation is so much more. A JUMP!Start Project Estimation helps illuminate your path to successful implementation.

Using a selection of proprietary methods including our Function Point Matrix, we work with you to set up a resource flow model that helps predict peaks and bottlenecks in schedule. JUMP!Forward Project Schedules map cost/benefit checkpoints that provide interim assessment targets for each phase of implementation. These tools can then be linked to ProjectWatch, our project management tool, once we’ve moved ahead into actual implementation. This seamless integration is a hallmark of JDQ’s JUMP! suite of products.

By engaging in a JUMP!Start Project Estimation, you will arrive with a clear, concise and easily presented report of what will be needed to effect the change you seek.

JDQ’s JUMP!Start Project Estimation offers clear advantages:

  • We are recognized experts in the complimentary fields of discovery, assessment, planning, estimation, implementation and measurement.
  • JDQ’s innovative Collaborative Discovery Approach creates a focused, comfortable, safe and motivating place for inquiry.
  • Our other proprietary devices and methods like our Function Point Matrix, JUMP!Forward Project Schedules and ProjectWatch Tracking & Communications system, are powerful tools that seamlessly work together to forecast and monitor project costs.
  • A JUMP!Start Project Estimation is a non-disruptive process that will not negatively impact your workflow.
  • You will receive a report ready for presentation that can help gain buy-in and compliance.

Most significantly, a JDQ JUMP!Start Project Estimation moves you toward business excellence swiftly and with confidence. At JDQ, we are always discovering new and better ways to help you achieve your goals.

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