3Spheres™ Call For Proposals

Applications will be accepted for Fall 2016 in early spring 2016.

JDQ Systems will donate their expertise to a lower-mainland based non-profit or social enterprise organization.

Whatever an organization’s stage, focus or challenges, process improvement methodologies can vastly help. As experts in quality systems, project management and software applications, the JDQ Systems business process improvement methodologies can result in improved efficiency, increased satisfaction, increased cost savings and greater revenue.

This opportunity is part of JDQ 3Spheres of Reciprocity initiative. 3Spheres is a model for hands-on social responsibility and mutually beneficial relationships, grown from the fundamental understanding that an overlapping focus on Helping, Profiting and Learning will lead to sustained continual improvement for all involved.

To be eligible for this opportunity, an organization must be:

1.    Based in the lower mainland, with preferably neighborhood focused programs.

2.    A registered non-profit or social enterprise.…and agree to the following:

  • The project term would be limited to 90 days.
  • There will be no expectation that JDQ Systems or Sierra Systems will continue to have a relationship with the client after the project is completed.
  • The project is to be clearly defined with proscribed measurable outcomes.
  • All participants in the project will sign a project charter and scope of work that clearly identify goals and responsibilities.
  • There will be no objection to JDQ Systems or Sierra Systems speaking about these experiences with others including the media.
  • The non-profit or social enterprise organization has the resources to fulfill such a project.

JDQ Systems and Sierra Systems agree to provide project management, leadership and the necessary expertise to fulfill the aim of the project. To that end, we will ensure that the project is managed with the same rigor as any other 3Spheres client project.

Deadline for applications: is currently closed. The recipient organization will be selected and notified mid-October 2016. The improvement project may begin shortly thereafter.

For more information, please contact Jon Morris: jonm@jdq.com

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