JDQ Announces Recipient of Winter 2012 3Spheres™ Initiative

JDQ Systems Inc. is pleased to announce its selection of DreamRider Theatre as the recipient of the JDQ Winter 2012 3Spheres of Reciprocity™ Initiative.

The JDQ 3Spheres team of volunteers will be focusing their expertise on business pr
ocess improvement, including optimization of a complex performance scheduling process. DreamRider Theatre is poised for significant growth in the near future. JDQ will assist DreamRider Theatre to discover and implement best practices that will facilitate their evolution. JDQ is delighted to be helping and learning in the environmental awareness sector for this new project.

Jon Morris, JDQ’s President, said:  “This is JDQ’s first 3Spheres project for a ‘performance arts’ organization.  Since DreamRider’s mission is to educate youth about environmental issues, the project will provide a great learning and helping experience for the 3Spheres team.  JDQ will gain valuable insight into the arts, the environment and the education process, indirectly providing new expertise and innovative solutions for our for-profit clients.”

“We’ve just had our first session with JDQ and already we are reaping benefits from the process”, states DreamRider Theatre Founder Vanessa LeBourdais. “We’re very grateful and excited to be able to bring superior business systems processes into our day-to-day operations, and can already see how this will help us survive and thrive in tough times”.

The DreamRider Theatre project will begin with a high-level business process assessment and then follow up with a detailed improvement project on a few high priority processes.

About DreamRider Theatre
DreamRider Theatre’s mission is to build generations of ecologically-responsible young citizens. Through the excitement of live theatre and multi-media, DreamRider introduces the fundamentals of environmental awareness to school age children. Inspiring children to take positive action, and to pass that inspiration on to their families and communities.

About 3Spheres
3Spheres is a philosophy and model for healthy, optimal, and successful community engagement. It is a paradigm for social responsibility and cooperative relationships grown from the fundamental understanding that we can all thrive by participating simultaneously in the spheres of Helping, Learning and Profiting. Ultimately, it is a model for other small and medium sized businesses to share best practices with each other and the community.

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