Recipient of Winter 2014 3Spheres™ Initiative Announced

JDQ Systems Inc. and Sierra Systems Inc. are pleased to announce its selection of the Vancouver Society of Children’s Centres (VSOCC) and Learning Disabilities Association Vancouver (LDAV) as the recipients of the Winter 2014 3Spheres of Reciprocity™ initiative.

The 3Spheres team of volunteers will be focusing their expertise on business process improvement, including optimization of a complex performance scheduling process. Scheduling casual and subcontract resources to care for and tutor children is an important and time consuming challenge for VSOCC and LDAV. And many other non-profit organizations have a common desire to make similar scheduling processes more efficient.

Jon Morris, JDQ’s President, said, “After assisting about 12 NPO’s since 3Spheres began in 2007, we have noticed that ‘resource scheduling’ is particularly complicated and burdensome for many larger organizations. This 3Spheres project, to develop an innovative solution to the complex scheduling problem, will give us an opportunity to help VSOCC and LDAV and simultaneously get valuable insight into the child care and learning disability sectors of our community.”

“We are very excited to be working with JDQ Systems, Sierra Systems and LDAV in this very creative partnership. We are confident that with the expertise of our business partners, we will increase our technological expertise and capacity, allowing us to redirect time into what is most important to us –providing high quality services to our children and families,” states VSOCC Executive Director Sandra Menzer.

“This work will enable these non-profits to use a greater portion of their time and resources directly towards providing valuable services to children and families,” said Sierra Systems Managing Director, Chris Eland.

LDAV Executive Director, Susan Keyes adds, “We were thrilled to be chosen to work with VSOCC on this exciting project. LDAV has seen a 40% growth in registrations this year, so the timing couldn’t have been better. We are keen to work with the 3Spheres and VSOCC team to find new ways to make a real difference for children with Learning Disabilities.”

This project collaboration of Sierra Systems and JDQ marks the first time that two for-profit businesses have teamed up to help the community under the 3Spheres banner.

About Vancouver Society of Children’s Centres
The Vancouver Society of Children’s Centres (VSOCC) has been serving families with young children since 1995. In partnership with many others, we have worked to create a vibrant, healthy and resilient community for families in the downtown peninsula of Vancouver. Today, VSOCC is the largest single-purpose organization providing non-profit childcare in British Columbia, serving families out of 13 locations and is one of the largest providers of infant and toddler care in Western Canada. []

About Learning Disabilities Association Vancouver
The LDAV is a registered charity and non-profit that offers affordable and accessible remedial teaching for children and youth with Learning Disabilities. We build self-esteem, social skills and academic success by focusing on the individual needs of your child and family. []

About Sierra Systems Inc.
Sierra Systems is a leading management consulting and IT services company with more than 900 employees across North America. Our primary goal today is the same as the one we began with back in 1966: to improve our clients’ businesses by marrying advanced technology with clear thinking and solid expertise. This unwavering commitment to our clients’ needs has allowed us to build long-term, trusting and loyal relationships with an enviable list of clients. It has given us the ability to set ambitious objectives for client projects and meet them time and time again with unparalleled speed and execution. []

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