Fall 2013 3Spheres of Reciprocity call for proposals


As part of its award winning 3Spheres™ initiative, JDQ is teaming up with Sierra Systems to offer pro-bono expertise to help a British Columbia Lower-Mainland non-profit or social enterprise improve its business processes.

Whatever an organization’s stage, focus or challenges, process improvement methodologies can vastly help. With expertise in quality systems, project management and software applications, the JDQ Systems / Sierra Systems collaboration can help you achieve results in improved efficiency, increased satisfaction,cost savings and higher revenue.

The deadline for applications to be received by JDQ Systems is October 7th, 2013. The recipient organization will be selected and notified by October 20th, 2013. The selected organization’s improvement project will be scheduled shortly thereafter.

This opportunity is part of a joint JDQ / Sierra Systems 3Spheres of Reciprocity initiative. 3Spheres is a model for hands-on social responsibility and mutually beneficial relationships, grown from the fundamental understanding that an overlapping focus on Helping, Profiting and Learning will lead to sustained continual improvement for all involved.

3Spheres reflects an obligation by JDQ and Sierra Systems to optimize their impact on society and build on these interrelated principles:

  • All of us should be actively concerned with helping to insure the welfare of each other and society at large.
  • The food of growth is learning. Research and mentoring are the vehicles for this.
  • The purpose of business is sustainable profit.

Please visit www.jdq.com/3spheres/proposals/ to learn more about this opportunity, the criteria for eligibility, and the application process.

About 3Spheres
3Spheres is a philosophy and model for healthy, optimal, and successful community engagement. It is a paradigm for social responsibility and cooperative relationships grown from the fundamental understanding that we can all thrive by participating simultaneously in the spheres of Helping, Learning and Profiting. Ultimately, it is a model for businesses to share best practices with each other and the community.

About Sierra Systems
Sierra Systems is a leading IT and management consulting services company with more than 900 employees across North America. Our primary goal today is the same as the one we began with back in 1966: to improve our clients’ businesses by marrying advanced technology with clear thinking and solid expertise. This unwavering commitment to our clients’ needs has allowed us to build long-term, trusting and loyal relationships with an enviable list of clients. It has given us the ability to set ambitious objectives for client projects and meet them time and time again with unparalleled speed and execution.

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